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Terms and conditions of sale

Once you pay a deposit or full price for a machine from Retro Play you are bound by these terms of business.

1. We do not accept any cancellations of an order once the machine has been started due to the fact that our machines are made to order. We cannot refund your deposit or purchase if you change your mind.  Sometimes there may be delays caused by factors outside of our control (such as the global pandemic), we cannot refund your deposit or purchase if there is a delay in the manufacturing process.  We always do everything we can to mitigate delays.

2. Once you receive your machine you are entitled to unlimited technical support for as long as you own the machine and as long as you do not change the hardware or software. If you sell your machine the technical support ends.

3. Future software updates are conditional on your machine still running the same software that we installed when we delivered your machine. Some major software updates may have to be installed manually by us by remote dial in, this is completely free and always will be, however we will only do this if the relationship between us has been fair and respectful and there have been no incidents of abusive behaviour or behaviour that we deem as inappropriate.  

4. We ship our machines in custom built frames and/or crates. In order to remove the machine from the crate/frame you will need an impact driver to remove the screws and disassemble the frame.  Please be extremely careful cutting through any packaging/glad-wrap with a knife. 



When you receive your product, please be sure to check for any signs of damage incurred in transit. If there is obvious damage to the crate/exterior packaging, please sign for it as damaged, and take some photos of the crate before unpacking the machine. Also be sure to take plenty of photos clearly showing the damage to the machine. Please retain the packaging the goods arrived in as a surveyor may need to inspect them.


Please follow the following steps depending on whether your machine has shipped via sea-freight or DHL air-freight:

Sea-freight claims:  please notify the shipper within 48 hours of receiving your goods and contact the insurer listed on the insurance policy document sent to you by the sea-freight shipper. We can assist you with your claim but please note that the insurance policy process must be followed in order for claims to be successful, including allowing an insurance surveyor to inspect the damaged goods, if applicable. 


DHL air-freight: If your machine ships via DHL air-freight and incurs damage in transit please contact us within 48 hours and we will initiate a claim on your behalf, as we are the account holder with DHL. 


We do not offer refunds for goods damaged in transit as this is covered by the insurer. While we will do our utmost to facilitate the speedy handling of insurance claims, please be aware that claims can take time to process and settle, depending on the insurer. Whilst we understand that this can be frustrating there is little we can do to speed up these processes as they are outside of our control.

5. Products arriving with errors or faults. If you product arrives with any kind of fault or cable unplugged we are always on hand to help you resolve these issues.  The vast majority of problems like these can be resolved swiftly and quickly by working with us to check connections.



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