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Arcade Light Guns Now Available


Q. I have an arcade machine made by someone else, can I use these guns?

A. Yes. The DIY kit comes with the two guns and LED lights that can be fitted to any screen or bezel.

Q. If I order now when will I receive my order?

A. One of the components to these guns is a special camera that can see the infrared LED lights, this camera is sometimes in short supply so there can be a wait. Once you place your order you will be provided with an order number and a link to an online spreadsheet where you can track how your order is proceeding. 

Q. I already have a Retro Play arcade machine that I have at home, can I add these guns?

A. Yes

Q. If I buy an arcade machine AND the guns how long do I need to wait?

A. We will build out your arcade machine as normal, if we have the cameras in stock for the guns then they will ship with the machine. If the cameras are not in stock you will be given an order number and link to the manufacturing que where you can track your order for the guns.  The arcade machine will be sent to you once its built and the guns will follow.

Q. What games can be played?


Q. Do the guns have recoil?

A. Yes they do, and a vibration motor.  

Q. Can I add more light gun games?

A.  Yes you can, these guns will work on pretty much any rail shooter / light gun game

Q. How do these guns compare to say Wii guns?  Sinden? or AE light guns?

A. In our opinion, whilst not the cheapest option, these guns are the best.  For these reasons: 


No need to re-calibrate

Super accurate line of sight

Full recoil and rumble motor

Easy to transfer the guns to a different machine or screen

All the processing and memory is held on the gun not the PC (making them faster)

Very durable 

Possibility to use different gun shells rather than being stuck with just one option for housings 

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