Prepare for the worst by having your own virtual pinball SSD copied 1:1 (an exact clone of your actual drive).  If the worst happens and you suffer data loss or you make significant changes to your existing drive and want to return the machine quickly and easily to its original state this 1:1 drive is for you.  


This is not a generic cloned drive, this is a professionally cloned copy of your exact machine with all its corrext factory settings taken just before it leaves the factory.


What's Included 

An exact 1:1 cloned 1TB drive 


Important Note

This upgrade MUST be ordered before your virtual pinball machine leaves the factory.  Right before its packaged up for delivery we will use our professional hardware cloning tool to take an exact 1:1 copy of your drive and it will be sent with your machine. 


Please do not order this drive retrospectivley or order this drive for a different manufacturers machine - it will not work.

Spare 1:1 SSD Drive Backup of YOUR Machine