This is the Retro Play speed devil USB drive that which features Launchbox arcade front end with all the media, emulators and games.  The total drive size is 4TB.


Featued systems: 


Sony Playstation 2

Sony PSP

Tekno Parrot arcade racing games

Sega Model 2

Sega Model 3

Nintendo 64

Windows racing games included 

Sega Dreamcast

Nintendo Gamecube

MAME arcade racing games


Simply connect this USB drive to your existing windows computer, add your own race wheel and enjoy. 


Important note

Whilst we are able to provide basic advice on setting up your wheel with the emulators, it is ultimately your responsibility to do this. We can point you in the right direction if you get stuck and there are plenty of videos online on each emulator on how to set things up.


Recommended PC Specs 

Minimum intel i5 / Ryzen 5 CPU.  Minimum graphics card recommended is the Nvidia 1030 or better. Ideally you want a 4GB Nvidia GPU.  16gb ram and with windows 10 on an SSD. 



Racing Arcade Sim USB Drive