Get in early as we offer now our pre production dedicated light gun arcade machine.  This pedestal arcade machine can be wheeled out in front of any big screen TV and used to play traditional arcade games (using the supplied xbox controllers) and hundreds of light gun games. 


These awesome light guns have built in recoil, rumble motor and off sceen reloading and more.


* Perfect line of site accuracy 

* Works on any size of screen up to 100"

* All the processing and settings are saved to each gun, not the PC

* Works close up or at distance

* Comes with LED kit to place small infrared LED's on thre edges of your TV

* Includes all light gun games and thousands of retro arcade and console games


Very important note about manufacturing these guns and possible delays.

This listing is to pre order a machine that is currently in development with production set to begin early August 2022.  Pre order NOW and get in the manufacturing que!


The camera component of these guns is the clever technology behind the hardware and are in high demand. Due to manufacturing issues and slow availability of components the company who make the cameras release them in batches so we cannot, at the moment, secure a decent constant supply.  If you decide to purchase this machine we will reserve a camera and all other parts immediatly and you will have access to a regulary updated spreadhseet online where you will see your order in a que and can obtain updates.  If you purchase an arcade machine with the guns and there is a wait on the guns, we will deliver your arcade macchine and forward the guns to you once they have been built. 


The picture used for this item is the actual cabinet but its not a final image.  We will be adding holsters on the side and arcade button and joysticks on top.



This machine has all light gun games


Plus all other arcade and retro console games.


Please note that Retro Play is no way associated with JB Labs or Gun4IR and no license is provided.


Pedestal Light Gun Arcade Machine (pre production)