The Raphnet Classic Adaptor is the industry standard wii to usb game controller . The Classic controller has plenty of buttons and axes making it an excellent option for a wide variety of games.


The Raphnet Classic Adaptor is perfect for Wiitars (Wii Guitars) with its very low latency, this is the adapter of choice for use with games like Clone Hero.




  • Supported controllers: Classic controller, Classic controller Pro, NES/SNES Classic edition controllers, Nunchuk, Wii Guitars, Wii Drumkits and Wii Turntables
  • Low latency (Default 6ms, min. 2ms) (more info)
  • Works under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • Updateable firmware
  • Some aspects of the adapter are configurable:
    • The D-Pad can act as buttons or axis
    • Nunchuk accelerometers can be enabled as axes
    • Left/Right joysticks can be swapped
    • The analog triggers can be disabled (new in firmware 2.1)
    • Mouse and joystick modes
    • Configurable polling rate
  • 2M (approx. 6ft) USB cable included

Management tool: (more info)

  • Easy to use user interface able to manage several adapters.
  • Adapter firmware version display
  • Firmware update function
  • Type of connected controller display
  • Adapter configuration

Official Raphnet Classic USB Adaptor (Wii to USB)

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