If you don't have the room for a full size dedicated arcade machine then this is the perfect product that allows you to enjoy thousands of retro games, console games and light gun games on your big screen TV at home.  This mini PC can be hidden behind your TV or placed next to it so you can enjoy arcade and console games with 2 x xbox controllers and 2 x light guns.


* Perfect line of site accuracy 

* Works on any TV screen

* All the processing and settings are saved to each gun, not the PC

* Works close up or at distance

* Includes over 200 light gun games and thousands of classic arcade games and retro console games.


Very important note about manufacturing these guns and possible delays.

The camera component of these guns is the clever technology behind the hardware and are in high demand. Due to manufacturing issues and slow availability of components the company who make the cameras release them in batches so we cannot, at the moment, secure a decent constant supply.  If you decide to purchase this upgrade we will reserve a camera and all other parts immediatly and you will have access to a regulary updated spreadhseet online where you will see your order in a que and can obtain updates.  If you purchase an arcade machine with the guns and there is a wait on the guns, we will deliver your arcade macchine and forward the guns to you once they have been built. 


Included Light Gun Games:



Whats Included?

Mini Windows Intel NUC PC

4TB Hard drive for all the games

2 x Xbox controllers

2 x Retro Play light guns

Infrared LED kit to fix to your TV (for the guns to work) 

Power cable and manual


This is NOT a cheap raspberry Pi computer, this is a full Windows 10 mini computer made by intel.





Mini Light Gun PC and 2 x Light Guns