Upgrade your Retro Play arcade machine with our new Guitar Pro setup.  Enjoy all the classic Guitar Hero games with over 6000 tracks ready to play.


This upgrade includes :

2 x Guitars 

2 x High speed Raphnet adaptors (used to connect the guitsars to your machine with extremly low latency)



Clone Hero (skinned like guitar hero)

Phase Shift (skinned to look and feel like Rock Band 2)

Guitar Hero World Tour Definitive Edition 

Guitar Hero III (PC version) 


Playstation 2 Games

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock

Guitar Hero World Tour


See Some Gameplay




If you add this upgrade to an arcade machine order that we have not yet shipped there is no postage costs.  If you add this upgrade to a Retro Play arcade that you already own please contact us first because we will need to calculate a shipping cost to you.



Guitar Pro Upgrade For Any Retro Play Arcade Machine