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+ Includes hundreds of Visual Pinball 10 tables all installed ready to play

+ Includes all pinball roms (including all the difficult to find ones!) 

+ Includes colour DMD's

+ Includes all the so called 'banned tables' that are now very  difficult to find 

+ Includes built in jukebox app

+ Includes access to MyHighScore onlne highscore system 

+ Includes all Zaccaria pinball tables

+ A complete operating system with all games and software needed



The Retro Play 2TB SSD is a complete Windows 10 Ghost Spectre install with Pinup Popper, all the tables and all the media for a complete virtual pinball setup.   This is a four years worth of work obtaining all the right files, settings, registry hacks, backglass files, pup packs and media - everything!  This is the exact same software setup we use today on all our virtual pinball machines.


** This drive will work in any virtual pinball machine with a Windows PC**


Including AtLegends and other brands as long as the system inside is a PC.  This will not work on sinbgle board Linux systems. If you are not sure please send us an email ( david@retro-play.com.au ) 


What's included : 


Windows 10 Ghost Spectre operating system

Visual Pinball 10.7

Zaccaria Pinball from Steam

Pinup Popper front end 

All table media 

Approx 600 visual pinball tables installed and imported to Popper

Approx 400 more tables not added to popper as untested (have fun testing and adding them yourself)

System will work with any hardware setup and any number of screens


And there's more...


The SSD also includes a built in juke box app and free unlimited access to the online high scoreboard app called MyHighScore.app that allows you to keep a record of all your friends and families high scores AND compete against people from all over the world !   You can even print off your own QR code, stick it on your machine and use to to scan high scores directly to the highscore board.



This list is all the tables that are pre setup, ready to play from the front end. There are in addition hundreds of other tables that are on the drive, not tested yet that can be played and imported in to the front end






The price includes up to an hour of remote support using Team Viewer (already installed on the drive) should you need to us dial in to your machine once the drive is installed and help you if you are stuck.  Instructions are provided on how to prepare the drive but we are here to help if you get stuck! 



Retro Play will soon be launching the worlds first Visual Pinball App Store which will be availalable for free to anyone purchasing this drive. 

2TB Virtual Pinball SSD Drive (all tables and media)