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Virtual Pinball Operators Manual

Version 1.6 Updated Jan 2022
Version 1.6 Updated Jan 2022
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Button layout on the front of cabinet


TOP LEFT BUTTON - Select Table / Start Game


BOTTOM LEFT BUTTON - Exit the table you are playing


FLIPPER BUTTONS - Do not hold these buttons in for any longer than 20 seconds or you risk burning out the solenoid.


LAUNCH BUTTON (under the plunger)

The launch button is used to launch a ball when the game does not have a traditional plunger (for example Attack from Mars).



Press the coin return button to enter credits for games


Sometimes one of these buttons may be set for coin instead of having a modified coin return button

Turning The machine ON

  1. Plug the mains power cable in.

  2. Now take the remote control for the playfield screen.,  If the playfield has not already turned itself on point the remote DOWN at the screen and turn it on.

  3. Now reach under the front right edge of the cabinet and find the ON / OFF button.  Press it once to turn the machine on.

  4. The system will power on, Windows will load and then the pinball front end software, Pinup Popper, will load.

Turning the machine OFF


Your machine has a windows computer inside which MUST be turned off properly when you have finished playing.  Please press the power button ONCE to initiate a windows shut down.





YOU MUST SHUT DOWN THE MACHINE PROPERLY to avoid crashes and data loss


Press the ON/OFF button under the cabinet ONCE and let the machine shut down.


You can now switch the machine off at the wall if you wish.


Understanding The 3 / 4 different screens you have

You pinball has 3-4 separate LCD screens.


Screen 1 (the backless screen at the top)

Screen 2 (The main play field screen)

Screen 3 (the dmd display).

Screen 4 (optional video topper screen)


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you never change the order of the screens in windows.  Doing so will completely mess up your pinball software.


Having the main playfield screen ON when you turn the machine on is important.  Its important because ALL of the screens MUST BE ON when you turn the computer on.  If they are not all on when you boot up then windows can re-order the screen numbers and mess up how the software works.


If you accidentally have screen issues, turn everything off.  Ensure the main play field screen is ON and turn the machine on again.

Connecting Your Machine to the Internet using Ethernet

To connect your machine to ethernet, simply open the rear flap at the back of the machine and plug in an ethernet cable.


Wifi Connection

Once your machine has fully turned on, press the ESCAPE key on keyboard.  This will exit to the Windows desktop. The wifi symbol is slightly hidden in the bottom right hand corner of the screen down by the digital clock.

Windows Updates

Windows updates are disabled by default and we highly recommend you do not enable them.


Adjusting the Volume

Your machine has 2 separate audio systems.


  1. Logitech speakers mounted inside the backbox for table music and sound effects.  Turn the bluetooth wireless controller on by pressing the button underneath. This device MUST BE SET TO THE PURPLE LED LIGHT.  Not the blue led.


2. SSF (surround sound feedback) for mechanical sounds.


Windows has a bad habit of sometimes messing with your audio settings so we have put a sound shortcut on the desktop if you ever need it.  The correct settings for the sound system in windows are ;


SPEAKERS - set to default audio device with a green tick next to it

USB Speakers - just under that not green ticked


Disable all other sound devices.



We supply you with a wireless bluetooth volume dial. This is for the music speakers in the backbox. Under the dial is a button press it once until you have a PURPLE LED light appear. Your speakers are now on and you can use this wireless dial to turn up and down the audio.


You can also adjust the music volume by :





Adjusting the Mechanical Sounds 

Open the coin door and look to the left, you will see a silver amp. adjust the far right knob to change the sound for the SSF sounds.




You machine is fitted with nudge and tilt - go ahead give it a try



High Scores


Each table will remember high scores, however you have to first off all beat the pre- programmed high scores from the factory.  So as an example. :


Attack from Mars by Bally was shipped with a factory preset high score of 1 Billion.  In order to enter a high score on the table you need to exceed that factory set high score.  For most people this is very difficult and so we recommend having your own high score board somewhere in your room / on a notepad or similar where you write down the table name and the highest score because for any casual player they are most likely to never exceed the high scores.


Its more fun playing against your mates when you have written down your high scores.


Keeping your graphics card driver up to date.

Your graphics card manufacturer regularly releases driver updates that can improve gameplay.  Inside your machine you will have either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card.  

If you are not sure if you have AMD or Nvidia 
Exit to the windows desktop (make sure you are NOT in a game) press the escape on the keyboard.  In the windows search bar at the bottom of the playfield screen type in DEVICE MANAGER and open the Device Manager.

Click on Display Adapters and you will see which card you have.

To update Nvidia cards
On the desktop should be an icon for SUPPORT.  Open this folder and then open Nvidia GeForce Experience app.  Check the driver section. If there are any updates download annd install them.

To update AMD graphics cards
Down in the task bar (by the digital clock) there will be an AMD icon.  Open this and look for the driver section to update your driver.  You can also access the AMD software by right clicking an empty area of the desktop and selecting the AMD software from the right-click menu

Keeping other drivers up to date
Driver updates to wifi cards, sound drivers, disk drives and any other device can sometimes deliver improvements and bug fixes so we do recommend you maintain your system at least each quarter.

The best way to update all your drivers is to use DRIVER EASY PORTABLE which can be found in the support folder on the desktop.  We highly recommend you DO NOT use Windows update to do this. 

Downloads on Driver Easy are quite slow so we do not recommend you use this app for graphics card updates, just use it for all other driver updates. 



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