We realise that's a big statement to make, so let's show you why we believe Retro Plays
virtual pinball machines are the best around.
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Virtual Pins Made for Pinball Fans

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4K Pinball

Real Mechanical Feedback

Tactile Feedback

Real Steel Pinball Legs

Range of Customisable Toppers and Plungers

The Most Advanced Pinball Software 

4 Different Models

4 Models to Choose From
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Essential Model

The Essential range is our entry level machine which just gets you in to virtual pinball machines, no toppers, no mechanical toys inside, just great pinball gameplay on a budget.

Ryzen 3 CPU, 8GB RAM
Nvidia 1050 Graphics Card

1080p HD Playfield Screen

32" Backglass Screen

Stern style DMD

Pro Model

Retro Play's Pro model is our virtual pinball machine that has been designed with the player in mind.  This virtual pinball machine features a great mid range gaming computer coupled with mechanical feedback inside the machine.
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Ryzen 5 CPU, 16GB RAM
Nvidia 1660 Graphics Card

4K Samsung Playfield Screen

32" Backglass Screen

Stern style DMD

Choice of External Artwork

1TB SSD Drive

2 x Tactile Feedback Speakers

4 x 12v Solenoids

Special Edition

The Retro Play Special Edition virtual pinball machine is an astonishing gaming machine which features a blistering fast gaming computer inside and a whole array of mechanical toys inside that brings the the table to life
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Ryzen 7 CPU, 16GB RAM
Nvidia 2060 Graphics Card

4K Samsung Playfield Screen

32" Backglass Screen

Stern Style DMD

Choice of External Artwork

1TB SSD Drive

2 x Tactile Feedback Speakers

4 x 12v Solenoids

Dayton Super Bass Shaker Speaker

Gear Motor, Shaker Motor

New Rumble Motor Toy

Topper Toy or Video Topper

Custom Made Lock Bar Fire Button Accent Graphic

Lifetime Tech Support

3 Year Warranty

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The Adrenalin Model is a super-charged gaming beast
Made for people who want gaming super power and all the mechanical toys
120HZ Gaming Monitor
2 TB Samsung SSD
Nvidia 3060 GPU
Extensive LED Light Pack
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Custom made video toppers
Coin door button mods
Custom coloured metal work
Stern style large full colour DMD
Stern lock bar fire button
Real working plunger
Built in Nudge
Tilt function
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Fully customisable external artwork

Steel backbox hinges

Steal side rails with button guard

Super-fast gold leaf flipper buttons

LED lit buttons

GENUINE steel pinball legs

Folding backbox with safety catch

CNC machined cabinets

Custom made shoote rods

Under cabinet LED lights (optional)

LED lit speaker grills

Steel backglass cover over rear screens

Virtual reality software built in

Powder Coated Metal Work

Stronger, smoother and more resistant to scratching and ageing all of our metal work is powder coated black.

Pinball Toppers 

We custom design and manufacture all own pinball toppers. We use a combination of CNC routers and 3D printers to make awesome toppers for our machines.
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Take a look at some of our customised work
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