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Arcade Machines Designed for Arcade Fans

With brand new gaming computers inside . Beautiful 32" Monitors 
Super high resolution external decals . Premium buttons and joysticks
The best arcade software in the world and 3 distinct models to choose from

Retro Play Arcade Machines Have It All

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Good enough for Marvel
Good enough all players !
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Our arcade machines were chosen to go in to the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.  You can read more about that project here.

Retro Play arcade machines are designed by people who love arcades for arcade players.

Choose a design we have already done or have something new designed just for you!  
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MAME (original arcade games)
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Super Nintendo
Sega Megadrive
Sega CD
Sega 32X
Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Dreamcast
Playstation Portable
PSP Mini's
Wii U
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Gamecube
Playstation 2

And many more...
and on the Special Edition: 

Playstation 3
Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
Tekno Parrot Arcade Games


Key Features

32" and 43" Screens

Steel black powder coated screen bezel

3 Different models to choose from

Launchbox premium front end
All emulators properly configured
Screen bezel art for all Mame games 

LED lit buttons and joysticks

Logitech 2.1 sound system

External volume control

Built in wifi

Windows 10 Ghost Spectre operating system

Free remote tech support
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SOMEthing special for our special edition machines

If you purchase a Special Edition arcade machine the system supports Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox Original and PS3 emulation.  Not all games can be emulated  but many classic titles can and to use these systems you will need to use the xbox 360 controllers we provide you with.  
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LED Lit Marquees

Premium T-Mould Trim

High Quality New Computer Monitors

Black Steel Bezel Around The Screen

External Volume Control

Brand New Computers Inside

Launchbox Arcade Front End

Air Vents on the Roof And Rear 

Easy Access To Wires Inside

Upgradeable in the Future

No Software That 'Locks' Your 

Life Time Tech Support

Two Year Warranty

High Quality Vinyl Decals

Free Decal Design Service

Logitech 2.1 Speaker System

Windows 10 Ghost Spectre OS

Built-in Team Viewer Remote Support

Premium HAPP Joysticks

Choice of LED or Retro Buttons

iPac Control Board Inside

Full Electrical Safety Certification

Transport To Anywhere in the Works

Completely Plug and Play

Works Anywhere in the World (no converters or transformers needed)

Life time Launchbox Premium License Included