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The Most Powerful, Most Advanced Virtual Pinball Machine Ever Made

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An Absolute Gaming Beast

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120HZ Monitor


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Adrenalin Model in Detail

Computer Hardware
Ryzen 7 CPU with 32GB DDR4 RAM.  Nvidia 3060 GPU
2 TB Samsung SSD

Asus 120HZ playfield monitor
32" Backglass computer monitor
Stern style full size full colour DMD (HD)

Pinup Popper Front End
Windows 10 Spectre Ghost (a highly modified and improved version of Win 10 with all the bloatware stripped out)
Visual Pinball X
Pinball FX3
Zaccaria Pinball
Built in fully featured Jukebox with artist/album artwork scraper
Auto system backup
Remote support assistance app

Mechanical Feedback
8  x 12v Truck Solenoids
12v Gear Motor to replicate gear sounds
12v Shaker Motor
12v Rumble Motor for lower tone table rumbles
12v Blower Fan to blow air at the player during gameplay

Choose either a custom made video topper or a static topper toy

Custom made shooter rod
Speaker grill LED lights
Pinball coin door with modified return buttons
Genuine steel pinball legs with correct splay for stability and ribbed for extra strength

Folding top box with safety catch

Computer Processor
vr ready badge TRANS.png

The Adrenalin Pinball Machine by Retro Play has all the virtual reality software ready to go.  All you have to do is connect a VR headset and you can enjoy Virtual Pinball VR

" where pinball meets art "

The Adrenalin pinball machine is more than just a technology gaming beast, its a work of art. We invest hours and hours in custom designing shooter rods, toppers, feature speaker grills
and more